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                簡體中文 |  English
                Hotline:+86-28-8324 3029
                陳  工點擊這裏給▃我發消息


                About Us
                Welcome to Sino Standards official web portal! Here, we offer our customers a convenient product inquiry system and more choice of products, the site can not query the products and prices, please feel free to contact our customer service for advice.
                Sino Standards is a scientific laboratory supplies suppliers, integrating global resources, is committed to the pharmaceutical, government agencies, environmental testing agencies, food industry, chemical industry, clinical, genetic engineering and other industries to provide quality and reliable, affordable standard material and consumables. Now in chengdu, China, shenzhen and Hong Kong set up a logistics center and warehouses, to provide customers with more convenient and quick service.
                Sino Standards able to provide more than 500,000 kinds of various standards, chemical reagents, laboratory supplies at home and abroad supplies ready for the national scientific research workers, and provides troubleshooting standard queries and custom synthesis services.

                Tel:0086-28-83243029 Fax:0086-28-8324 0018
                Mobile:0086-139 0817 3537 Q?Q:919553353 & 2310979084

                2.現ω 已在中國成都、深圳及香港」特區設立了物流中心和倉庫
                Main Products
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